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Create Practical Processes.

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There are 4 Stages to a Successful Team Transformation

Businesses that develop solid processes in each stage are the ones that reach even their most ambitious business goals. At GoalPoint Employee Planning, we help you design and implement your entire Team Transformation Plan.

Work 1:1 with us to map out your plan.
Create practical and actionable processes.
Get feedback as you work through each stage.
Implement your transformation plan in easy to use software.
Build a high-functioning and engaged team.
Reach your most ambitious business goals.

The 4 Stages of a Successful Team Transformation Plan



Understanding how your team (both hired and contracted) will help reach business goals is the first step in building a successful Team Transformation Plan.

We start by diving into your business goals to ensure you have the right people, at the right time to do the right job.



Fostering an environment in which your team is engaged should be top priority for leaders.

Now that we have clearly defined roles and an understanding of which roles still need filled it's time to create an engagement plan.

A highly engaged team will walk through fire with you to reach business goals.



Every team member needs accountability.

Once you know who is doing what, and how to keep them engaged, we'll start diving into how their performance will be tracked and measured.



As a leader, it's your responsibility to manage your team effectively.

Finally, we'll create a leadership plan to help you get all of your team members working together to achieve your business goals. It's more than just getting each person to do their job. It's turning them into a high functioning team ready to tackle challenges together.

Turn Your Good Worker to Great &

Your Great Worker to AMAZING

At GoalPoint Employee Planning, we help you build a systematic approach to leading your team to reach even your most ambitious business goals.

How It Works

01. Book an Intro Call

We will get to know each other and decide if we are a good fit to help your business.

06. Reach Your Business Goals

Once you've implemented your plan, you'll be ready to work toward your business goals. At this point in time, you may choose keep Chris on as a trusted advisor or continue your work on your own.

05. Implement Your Plan

Once your Entire Team Transformation Plan is complete you and your strategy team will work together to find the best software to help you implement your plan.

02. Meet Chris

If we're a good fit, we'll hop on a 90-120 minute strategy call and we'll build out your Team Transformation road map.

03. Begin Working on the Road Map

Once your road map is set up, you'll begin working through the first section. Your strategy team will continually provide feedback until you're happy with your section progress.

04. Meet With Chris

Once complete, you and Chris will meet for 30 minutes to review your progress and discuss the next steps. This process will continue until you have all sections complete.

Who is Chris?

Our founder

Meet Chris! Connector of people. Builder of teams. Crusher of goals.


By age 20, Chris accepted and accelerated at her first leadership position. She soon went from leading employees to mentoring other leaders. Eventually she moved on to teach future leaders, becoming one of the most sought after leadership educators within her university.

In addition, she consulted business leaders around the world showing them how to reach their most ambitious business goals. And it starts with nurturing the most important asset they can build: their team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

We work best with entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses.

I don't have a team yet. Is this right for me?

Sure! The Team Transformation Plan can help you create solid team processes prior to making your first hire. It ensures you hire the right person, train them to be awesome, and lead them to reaching even your most ambitious business goals WITHOUT wasting money with all the trial and error.

How hands on do I need to be during the process?

There are a few options. The option that most businesses choose is to hire us as a strategist to help guide them through the creation of their plan. Either the business owner, or the HR team will create the actual plan. If you'd like to hire us in a more hands on role, please contact us for options.

I'd like to have Chris come to my business , see how we do things and then have her team and my team work together to get this plan going. Is that possible?

Yes! Chris loves to get out and work "in the trenches". Please contact us for more info.

I heard Chris is a team-building expert and I want her to work with my people leaders to help them build an all-star team. Is this possible?

Absolutely! Building teams is in her DNA. She'll work with your team leaders to build Goal-Getting teams destined to reach even your most ambitious organizational goals. Contact us for more details.

What's this going to cost me?

Each business has vastly different needs, so there's not a set fee. What we can say, is when you hire us as your strategy team, the cost is $9,000 for 6 months for a business with up to 25 employees.

How long will it take me to build my plan?

While you can complete the program as quickly as you'd like, we typically focus on 1 stage per month.

What if I need something else team-related? Can Chris help me?

Sure! Contact us for more info.

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